Meet The Team

Dental Therapist


River Hills Dental is pleased to announce the addition of Dental Therapist, Peter Degallier, to our practice! Peter has a life-long interest in dentistry; his father is Paul Degallier, who was a long-time dentist here at River Hills Dental!  Peter and his wife, Hannah, recently moved back to Winona and are the proud new parents of baby boy, Oliver. 

Although Peter is the first Dental Therapist for our office and for Winona, Dental Therapists are not new to Minnesota. The Dental Therapist was created as a mid-level provider in Minnesota in 2009 and was introduced to help improve access to dental care across the state. Similar to a Physician Assistant in the medical field that works under a Physician, a Dental Therapist can perform many dental services under the direction of a Dentist.

Dental Therapists are trained extensively on many procedures. As a DT at River Hills Dental, some of the services Peter will be performing are: removal of cavities and placement of fillings, placement of sealants, extractions of primary teeth, placement of temporary crowns and the re-cementing of permanent crowns. Peter is also licensed to perform all the duties of a dental hygienist, so it may not be unusual for you to see him for your routine preventative check-up appointments. 

We know Peter will help improve access to care for our patients and our community. We hope you are comfortable in asking questions about the duties of a Dental Therapist and trust that Peter will provide you with the clinical excellence you expect from all of us at River Hills Dental. We are very excited about the addition of a Dental Therapist to our office and hope that you will help us welcome Peter back home to Winona!


Our team of Dental Hygienists is committed to providing exceptional pateint care by working with each patient to prevent cavities and gum disease. With continued education, each hygienist stays on top of the latest technology and developments in the ever-changing dental world. Every hygienist has been trained to deliver pain free dental anesthetic and administer relaxing laughing gas. Their gentle touch and professional manner keeps patients following through with routine preventative care.


All of our Dental Assistants are licensed in the state of Minnesota. Two of our assistants have received advanced training in Restorative Functions allowing them to provide a higher level of service. We pride ourselves on patient communication and will make sure you understand everything that is happening before it happens. Our assistants have vast knowledge in the procedures we perform and can be your best resource for questions you may have about treatment.

Business Staff

Our business team keeps everyone on the right track. From scheduling, to insurance, to financial arrangements, our staff is invaluable when it comes to patient services. Upon arrival, be prepared to be greeted with smiles and prompt attention. Should you have any questions after your visit, we will help you find the answers you're looking for.